2018 Gower Swim Team Coaches (Pg 1 of 2)

Tucker Shaw, Head Coach

My name is Tucker Shaw and I am proud to be your 2018 Gower Swim Team Head Coach.  This is my fourth year coaching for Gower, and I have loved every moment of it.  I am currently a Fourth Class cadet at The Citadel The Military College of South Carolina.  Throughout my knob year I have had to endure many challenges, but each have taught me valuable lessons about leadership and interaction with others.  This summer I plan to instill each of my swimmers the same lessons of discipline, self motivation, and sportsmanship that I have learned in a safe and fun environment.   Over the past few summers I have made it a point to inspire my swimmers to be the best member of the Gower family they can be and continue to return each summer.  I plan on doing this again and will do everything I can to make each one of my kids have the best summer of their life.  This summer I have a great coaching staff supporting me.  Each of them brings something great to this team, and will ensure that everyone of your kids will be the best swimmer that they can.  This year my key focuses as the head coach are to develop our younger kids into becoming leaders, and mentoring our teenagers on this team so that one day when they become coaches they can continue the job that me and my other coaches are doing.  I look forward to working with your kids this summer.  In the end winning is not everything, but teaching each of my swimmers the importance of the Gower family and how special it is will always be the most important thing that a Gower coach can teach their swimmers.  I look forward to one last great summer with you all and GO GOWER!!!!!!  

Hudson Davis

My name is Hudson Davis, and I am currently a freshman at Clemson University.  I first began attending Gower swim meets when I was about 3 years old to watch my brother swim and started guppies a few years after that and continued swimming until I graduated last year from JL Mann.  Having the opportunity to coach has always been childhood dream and I cannot wait to live it out and make it a reality this summer.  Having been a part of many groups and teams through golf, church, and school, there is nothing that will compare to the Gower family and I can’t wait for my first year of coaching alongside the rest of the staff.  Go Gower!


Wilkins Norwood

My name is Wilkins Norwood and I have been swimming for Gower since I was a guppy, a Henry Faris Award winner as well as record holder. I am a sophomore at Clemson University following the pre-med track. I was too young to remember the first Gower swim meet my dad took me to. I just know I've always loved it. I coached Guppies for 3 years. Two of which being a head coach. This will be my second year as a Big League, Professional, Olympic, Majors, D1, honorable Gower coach! I graduated from Eastside High School where I swam in 7th and 8th grade, and played Football, Basketball, Tennis and ran track in my later years. I have a lot of experience with being on different teams, but none compare to the family we have built in the Gower community. Since I was born in the Gower area, I've always called it my HOME for the summer! 

Madelyn Dullea

My name is Madelyn Dullea, and I am currently a freshman at Clemson University majoring in Biological Sciences. My swimming career began at the age of 5 as a Guppy, and the next year I advanced to the big swim team. My love for Gower grew and I knew I wanted to one day be a coach. Last year I was able to live that dream, and now I have the opportunity to coach again. Due to my summer birthday I am allowed to swim for one more year, being my final year as a swimmer. Being involved with Gower my whole life has made the coaching experience even better. I look forward to the upcoming season as I can’t wait to get back in the water with our team.  The summer should be fun and exciting and hopefully we can bring home another Matcalf Cup. Go Gower!!


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